What it Means to be “Alive” Today

You sit in your living room watching TV and holding your smartphone. You see the horrible recent destruction caused by the tornado in Oklahoma. You hear on the news about the latest war efforts against the war on terror and the civil unrest in the Middle East. You see the latest celebrity gossip in Hollywood spreading like a virus on your Facebook timeline, and you’ve also just read tweets about the devastation caused by the Boston Marathon bombers. You’ve just travelled around the world while still seated comfortably in your couch. But more importantly, you’ve been saddened, shocked, and perhaps irritated by what you’ve seen and read. Welcome to the 21st century.


Source: http://www.yourtrainingedge.com/corporate-universityinclude-technology/

Welcome to today. Welcome to a world where we revolve around remotes, screens, and keyboards. We make sure that everything we need is just within reach. Whether what we need is a joke to lighten up the mood, information about movie showtimes, how to unscrew a light bulb, or directions to the nearest gas station, all that is possible thanks to the technology we all have grown so dependent on.

Technology has greatly changed the world and rescued it out of the stone age, surpassed the bronze age, shed light on the dark ages, and flew past the space age, and brought us to where we are today. Whatever …age it is. Technology has also improved the way we receive and interact with media. Technology’s improvement of the media has given us access to everything we could ever think of. Technology just makes it easier for us to access anything, whether it be on the internet or on a newspaper (which most are online now), it is just a few taps on your smartphone, or clicks on a computer away. As long as it’s out there, we will find it.

We now live in a world that thrives on technological determinism. Technological determinism is the belief in which technology drives the development of its social structure and views. As a word that didn’t exist not too long ago, it is very fitting to use it to talk about us and the society today.

Modern technology gives us access to all kinds of information across all types of media. Our prolonged exposure to a lot of information has affected society greatly. And seeing as though most of society has access to these technologies and information, the way in which society as a whole reacts and goes about their daily life are greatly affected. Technological determinism.


Source: http://www.toprankblog.com/2011/07/online-marketing-media-mix/

We love McDonald’s because the commercials show us it’s a good and happy place to be in. We dream of owning BMW’s because according to the commercials they are the epitome of what the “ultimate driving machine” is, and we think that people who look like Gisele Bundchen are hot because the cameras love her. We do not know if these are real, but it’s the reality we see and choose to believe.

We act the way we act, think the way we think, and react the way we react because of our ability to access the media and everything in it. And because there is so much information available in the media, we are bombarded with so much information and views about everything. This has turned us into brainwashed droids rather than self thinking humans.

So I guess that’s what it means to be alive today… not really alive. Although, droid or not Gisele Bundchen really does look amazing!

  1. What/who is Gisele Bundchen ?

    • Gisele Bundchen is a world famous supermodel, and has appeared in a few films.

      • Umm, sorry for the TREMENDOUS DELAY, but I wrote a reply

  2. oh . Nice , good for her , how is her life , and i cannot help but wonder how she feels about the rest of everything , {I am curious enough to ask now….) …. So how are the worlds of models anyway,I really have to meet one some day and ask her some nice questions and such . Find out what the plus and minus’s are , cause pretty much, all girls/females are models (that’s how many treat them anyway) …… Yes already!!!!!!
    Girls are adorable and coincidently needed for procreation and bonding ones self to a mate …Many men however,, would trust manuals and certain words from times past where women were somewhat (pending on the people at the time and situations) treated like just a companion to serve the man and bring him sons …. But woe , inside , IF””’ they knew and felt love , they would treat them like they would themselves , lass the way people change and take eachother for granted sometimes….Well , when we are comfortable with a person , like a mate , for me, I should be able to tell her anything and all my thoughts , and vice versa for women…. We should be able to tell eachother what eachother is feeling, but tend to want to win an arguement in many of these situations. It is not about winning, it is about understanding the position of he other person/mate…. Once all that s out , and dealt with, the two figure out the plan of their love in a way , never letting money being the deciding factor , woe ! , just how many divorces are there ? pending on money and materialism and such whatever else…. Documentaries of the TRUTH could even be a new T.V. show, to show just how love is ruined over love of money and dependence of it….Show both the ups and downs of it if you really want the reality of reality shown…. On a scale , well , the scale would be deformed,because what money can do depends on what people will do to get it…. People tall of us destroying ourselves in the future , but do they really know the ROOT of the problem ?? Money has gone on through all the ages since it was first used, and remains today , and debt ? in older religion ? of Jews ? well, that was a different time way back then was it not ? Well then , think long and hard, and see what lies behind all wars since money was used ,
    but don’t use the INTELLIGENCE of that era ….All in all , attractiveness is what it is , it’s what comes of it that could be either a plus or a negitive pending on the TRUTH of the self….

    • please take note: Know what parts are in jest, and which are not, The beginning,( i already find awkward) because to go go back and proof read , and my thinking everything all the time when like this, some would tend to get lost in the words and take them wrong

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